Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Dogs of My Life

Freddy hates to pose 
I love to draw dogs, because basically I love dogs. I always have been a dog person, although I do also like cats. In many of my images, I include my dogs from the past--Ratdog and Shelly--and my current pooches Freddy (in the photo) and Gracie (a Chihuahua).
That's Gracie at the left
Ratdog was another amazing dog in my life and that's why I include him in my art. When I adopted Ratty, they told me he would probably live for maybe a year, but we had him for 10. He was a finalist in the 2011 World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, CA, but he couldn't win because he was too damn cute! 
Ratdog did his share to modeling gigs

Our amazing vet Dr. Hunter kept him alive more than a few times. 
Ratdog sneaks into almost all my pet pieces and others where he doesn't belong. 

Shelly was an American Staffie and a big lover. The bully breeds (Pit bulls, etc.) get a bad rap, but Shelly was a clown; a wonderful friend and the best dog I've ever owned. When she passed a few years back, it hit me real bad and to be honest--I'm still not over it. 
Shelly would do this all the time to get laughs. We called it her "Cleopatra." 

Shelly in my piece "Pet Peeves" 

Shelly in her senior years

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