Friday, January 1, 2016

Silly Arguments

From time to time, I like to do a piece with a message. This is my newest collage and it's called Silly Arguments. During the holiday season, we have to hang out with relatives. It often involves long plane trips, traffic and a lot of family-related stress.

Silly Arguments, 2015
This year, I have heard some amazingly horrific stories about family encounters during the holidays. Luckily, I don't have any to share of my own. I keep it simple. I enjoy the company of my wife, my father-in-law and my dogs and we stay home--safe and content and void of silly arguments and family quarrels that are re-visited every holiday season.

The positives are numerous: I don't have to sit through long-winded stories that I've heard 100 times before; pointless gifts that will soon be in the bin; endless photos with fake smiles and inane expressions; toddlers walking around with a full diaper while their mothers play Scrabble; "special" dishes like jello mold and three-bean salad; scrapbooks and family videos that never seem to end and that one relative who watches too much Fox News and wants to discuss politics.

Have a Great New Year Everyone and Please Stop Silly Arguments Today!

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